Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The course is online and at your own pace. You can start as soon as you purchase the course. We do not currently offer in person classes.

To earn your Georgia real estate salesperson license, you must complete 75 hours of Pre-Licensing education, complete a background check, take the licensing examination, and apply for the salesperson license. You must have a sponsoring broker in order to apply for an active license. For more information, please visit the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) website or see the Georgia Real Estate Candidate Handbook provided by PSI (formerly AMP), the states testing and licensing vendor.

The time it takes to get your Georgia real estate license depends on how quickly you complete your Pre-Licensing requirements, which includes Pre-Licensing coursework, a background check, and licensing examination. For more information on the licensing process, please visit the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) website or see the Georgia Real Estate Candidate Handbook provided by PSI (formerly AMP), the states testing and licensing vendor.

There are a number of costs and fees involved in obtaining a Georgia real estate salesperson license. Variable costs include tuition and fees associated with completing your Pre-Licensing education requirement, and the cost to obtain your background check. The licensing examination fee is $115.00, and the license fee is $170.00, if applied for at the testing center upon passing the exam.

Note: These costs are subject to be changed by the state at any time.


The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) contracts with PSI (formerly AMP), to facilitate and administer the states real estate licensing exam. PSI provides the Georgia Real Estate Candidate Handbook which provides details about registering for and taking the licensing exam. Click here for a link to the Georgia Real Estate Candidate Handbook.


Candidates have up to twelve months after they pass their licensing exam to apply for their real estate salespersons license. Twelve months after taking the exam, the candidate must retake the licensing exam.


Our courses are iPad compatible, however, we suggest utilizing a Laptop or Computer for a superior course experience.


This is an inquiry you should submit to the state licensing authority or Real Estate Commission for your specific state. Each state’s law varies to what sorts of crime forbids you from acquiring a real estate license. Some have exemptions concerning the kind of crime committed, the age while committing the crime, or even the period that has gone since the crime was committed. In many states, if you have a lawful offense conviction or have pled no contest to a felony – you most likely cannot get a real estate license.

Our courses are pre-approved by the state, which implies it is approved for the necessary hours you are required to satisfy for your state. This essentially implies you don’t have to stress over following your time — that is our duty. In a bunch of states, students are required to meet set time necessities to finish sections or parts within the course. If your state is one of those, you will get that information with your course and a timer will be visible at the top of your screen as you work through the course. When you complete your coursework, you’ll receive credits for the assigned credit hours of the course.

If your screen is idle for more than a couple minutes, the system will log you out, and stops the clock.

The entirety of our courses are approved by your state, which means the state has perused the course material and considers it proper for passing the state final exam.

The course at Blue Apple Real Estate School will incorporate written contents and quizzes after each chapter to help decide if you understand the material you read. The course is additionally broken down into units. At the end of every unit, you will take a 1-20-question unit test and need to score 85% or better before you can proceed onward to the following unit. (Note that a few states require a marginally unique grade, which will be outlined in your course.)

Each student has 90 (days) from the date of purchase or another period as modified to complete the course. If the student does not complete the course within 90 (days), they will be required to purchase an extension of the course which is $50.

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Yes, you can work part time. As a real estate agent, you can work as much or as little as you want.