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75 Hour Georgia Prelicense Real Estate Course

Why You Should Get Your Georgia Real Estate License


Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to get into business for yourself? Do you want to make your own hours, earn extra money, become a real estate investor, or save money when you and your family buy property? Do you want to make a fast, affordable career change? There are so many great reasons to earn your real estate license in Georgia.

As part of the Sun Belt, Georgia has some of the highest-growth rates in the United States. The population is growing and the real estate market is expanding with it. Appreciation rates for property have been rapid over the last several years and there are growing opportunities for those who earn their real estate license in Georgia across the state.

If you want to enjoy better earnings and more freedom, it’s time to sign up for your online real estate license in Georgia.


75 Hour GA Real Estate Salesperson Course
Enjoy better earnings and more freedom.

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What is Blue Apple Real Estate?

The Blue Apple Real Estate School, was created by a group of highly trained and successful professionals within the Real Estate Industry. We are focused on our clients and customers satisfaction and success. We guarantee you will receive the highest quality experience and services with Blue Apple Real Estate.

Blue Apple Real Estate School has one mission: Prepare all students for a successful Real Estate Career. We guarantee upon successful completion of our pre-license course, you will be prepared with all the tools you need to complete your state licensed real estate exam.

Much like our unique distant learning experience, we having pricing to match! We are so confident in your success at Blue Apple, that we provide our students with a small initial $50 purchase to access our state accredited, 75-hour, prelicense course. With course access for 180-days (extensions available for free), students have the ability to work from their personal computer at their own pace. Upon passing the prelicense cumulative exam, a requirement for state license eligibility, a final payment of $395 will be billed. This allows us to send in your successful completion of the prelicense course to your State Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board. We will continue to assist you post examination with the necessary tools needed to receive your state Real Estate License

Course Description

Blue Apple Real Estate provides a structured online experience in a supervised setting. Designed to provide practical skills and fundamental knowledge of the major components of the Real Estate Industry, our real estate course will guide you through the legal aspects of the industry, contracts and closings, and general guidelines of real estate practice. Unlike most courses, the Blue Apple Real Estate curriculum is designed to fully prepare you to earn your real estate license. Through informative lectures, real-life scenarios, and sectional Q&A?s, Blue Apple Real Estate will provide you with the tools and knowledge to becoming a successful Real Estate Professional.


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